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How To Find Your Signature Style – Part One

‘Signature Style’ is a fashion term that gets thrown around a lot on Instagram and fashion blogs, often in relation to celebrities and how we might copy their signature style. But that’s not what it’s about. This is about YOU – what sort of clothes make you look and feel good; what suits your lifestyle, your budget, and your body.

Finding your signature style can make your life so much easier. You’ll know what you’re looking for when you shop, and you’ll know what to put on every day.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and try different things. It’ll just make your wardrobe choices a little easier, and give you a bit more confidence in what you’re wearing. Winning!


Know Your Body Shape

Make sure you have the basics of your body shape. You can figure it out by googling for an online body shape calculator, or visit our Body Shape Calculator Herefor our step by step guide.

Once you know, we have multiple articles on the blog written for your unique body shape that will get you started on the path to understanding what fundamentally works for you, and what might not be the most flattering.



Get Inspired

We all love a good mood board, right? Well, some of us do and some don’t. If it’s your thing, crack one out for what inspires you, fashion-wise, and include colours, textures, and… you know, other moody stuff that you like.

You can go old fashioned with the glue and scissors, or you can head over to Pinterest and do it digitally. You can also use the bookmark tag on Instagram to keep track of outfits you love.

And if you have no interest in a mood board in any medium, how about writing a list on your phone – or with plain old pen and paper – of the things you know you love, or what inspires you as you go through your day?



Pick Your Colours

It’s important to include colours you adore, that make you happy, but you’ll also want to seriously consider your skin’s undertone as that will be a factor in whether you’re better off using your favourite colours as foundation pieces, or the occasional accent. We’ve got some information on this here.

Try to stick to a specific colour palette if possible, so you can easily mix and match everything in your wardrobe to create new looks.

You’ll need one or two base colours that go with everything – choose from black, white, brown, beige, grey, or navy. Then decide on brighter accent colours that coordinate – again, stick to one or two.

Once you have all these pieces in place, do a wardrobe review, and begin to align what you have currently, with what you’d like to have.

And if you’re not sure, why not snap some selfies and share them in the Redlane Style Club Group on Facebook? We’ve a great community there who would love to help!

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  2. Marie Kevane

    Hi *** please help me ***

    I am never happy with my dresses. I am a pear shape and I simply could not tell you which sort of dresses would suit me. I am going to the races next month for ladies day ( I wont be entering it but I want to look dressy )

    What would you recommend?

    I am also only 5ft2 so a lot goes against me!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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