Body Basics – Apple Body Shape

First - observe your body shape

  • Stand in front of a large mirror, and just have a look at your overall body shape.
  • Focus on your shoulders, waistline and hips.
  • How do they line up? Where are your widest and narrowest parts?

How to Measure My Body

Whichever body shape you are – congratulations!

We all have things we might not like about our body, but it’s the only one we have… so try and focus on the positive parts! What’s your favourite thing about your body?


Is your Body Shape… Awesome Apple?!

Apple Body Shape


Also called: Oval, circle or rounded, diamond or ‘O’ frame.

If you’re Apple Shaped, your primary features are:

  • An average to full bust
  • A rounded shoulder line
  • Shapely legs and hips
  • If you put on or lose weight, it will likely be around your middle

One of the problems we hear from our clients who fit this body type is they feel like it’s all going on in the mid-section and there’s little definition round the waist. On the upside, we often see slim arms, great legs, and fabulous boobs!

What looks great on you?

Empire line dresses and tops, fitted around the bust.


They complement your lovely bustline, and leave some room for comfort and ease around the middle.

Generally, when dressing our Apple ladies here in Redlane, we keep the extra fuss well away from the tummy or hip area. So no high-waisted trousers or waistbands (unless there’s a long top out over them), or extra material gathered at the tummy, and leave off any items that would finish at your widest points, as that draws the eye there – so we’d skip the hip length jackets or cardigans, or sleeves that finish at bust length.

What we do recommend is to create nice vertical lines for a long lean silhouette, with details above the bust line and below the hip line – for everything in between, keep it plain and simple. You’ll be drawing attention to those boobs so a good bra is an essential apple foundation! Keep the tops fitted to your slimmest point, which is usually just under the bust (empire line is perfect!), and then leaving just a little room around the belly. Most women tend to try and hide their shape in voluminous folds, but it’s not necessary to wear a tent when you’re an Apple, we promise.

The V neck is your friend, creating nice vertical lines, and structured pencil skirts can work well, but keep them at knee length. Empire dresses are perfect for you, or wrap dresses, as they draw attention upward and cover your belly. And you can wear packed prints – they’ll hide any unflattering details and even make you look slimmer by confusing the eye. Try a flared or wide leg pants to get that balance going at the bottom, but keep the trousers tailored with no bulky pockets.

There are many occasion dresses available with a fitted bust and a thicker material that doesn’t cling in the places you don’t want it to, just drop into Redlane (or get in touch by phone, email, or Facebook!) and ask one of our qualified stylists who can show you the options we have to fit your awesome apple shape perfectly!


3 thoughts on “Body Basics – Apple Body Shape

  1. avatar Lora says:

    Hey Ladies,
    This might be of use to you?

  2. avatar Laura forde says:

    Hi… I had baby 3 months ago.. My weight is 12st 10 pounds and quite big belly after baby.. I’m apple shape ( I think).. I have few occasions. Baby christening, 2 communions and wedding to go.. Feel very lost bcs can’t find anything to wear what would look good.. What u can offer and what u could suggest. Thanks for your help…

  3. avatar Tracy ryan says:

    Hi I’m an apple shape lady looking for something for a wedding in a few wks can ye help I’m 5"2’ looking for something knee length

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