Body Basics – Hourglass Body Shape

First - observe your body shape

  • Stand in front of a large mirror, and just have a look at your overall body shape.
  • Focus on your shoulders, waistline and hips.
  • How do they line up? Where are your widest and narrowest parts?

How to Measure My Body

Whichever body shape you are – congratulations!

We all have things we might not like about our body, but it’s the only one we have… so try and focus on the positive parts! What’s your favourite thing about your body?

Is your Body Shape… Outstanding Hourglass?!

Hourglass Body Shape

Also called: Figure 8 or ‘X’ frame.

If you’re Hourglass Shaped, your primary features are:

  • A neat waist
  • Shapely thighs
  • A full bust
  • If you put on or lose weight, it will likely be at your bust and hips

For many of us, the classic Hourglass body type is seen as the ideal, quintessential feminine shape. Like, striving for this figure is the reason women have been strapping themselves into corsets and stays since the 1500s in Western Europe, and if you have it naturally without resorting to torture bondage devices – good for you!

What looks great on you?

Anything fitted around the waist and bust.


They accentuate your waist and enhance your hourglass figure.

The best way to dress your Hourglass body type is to keep the top and bottom in proportion, and accentuate your waist. A good bra is essential, as with our Apple sisters, for support and structure when wearing the fitted clothes that work so well for you.

Wide belts over shirts and dresses are a great way to show off your waist, and you can even create a little more volume around your upper and lower body to increase the curvaceous visuals, as long as you keep that balance going.

V shaped and deeper necklines work so well for you, as high necklines will make your bust a little too bulky looking generally. Keep the dresses fitting nice and snug around your boobs and waist – loose, heavy clothes will create a boxy look, so keep it sleek and smooth where you can, with a little flow and swing wherever you like it.

Pencil skirts are literally made for your curves, so rock them out wherever you like, and with those shapely legs you can play around with the hemlines a little too, but they generally look best settled somewhere round the knee, for most occasions. Boot-cut trousers with some stretch for a snug fit are perfect for you, and tailored shirts and jackets.

Wrap dresses and tops with nipping or banding at the waist will be lovely on you, and you can even get away with a dramatic wide waistband on a very full skirt, when paired with a top that adds a little fullness to your bust and shoulders – again, it’s all about the balance.

Call into Redlane and we’ll give you free, professional style advice to help you find something that makes you feel fabulous in your Hourglass form!



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