Body Basics – Pear Body Shape

First - observe your body shape

  • Stand in front of a large mirror, and just have a look at your overall body shape.
  • Focus on your shoulders, waistline and hips.
  • How do they line up? Where are your widest and narrowest parts?

How to Measure My Body

Whichever body shape you are – congratulations!

We all have things we might not like about our body, but it’s the only one we have… so try and focus on the positive parts! What’s your favourite thing about your body?


Is your Body Shape… Perfect Pear?!

Pear Body Shape

Also called: Triangle, Bell, Spoon, Christmas Tree or ‘A’ frame.

If you’re Pear Shaped, your primary features are:

  • Shoulders that are narrower than your hips
  • Fuller hips or thighs
  • A defined waist, and a modest bust
  • If you put on or lose weight, it will likely be on your bottom half

First off, we’re not going to use the words ‘Saddle Bags’ anywhere in this article. Well OK, we just did, but not in relation to your lovely form. It’s a term brought to popularity by Trinny and Susannah talking about carrying a little extra on your hips and thighs, and it’s really common when talking about the Pear shape body type.

It’s not nice though, is it? We won’t do it, and we hope you don’t think of yourself that way!

What looks great on you?

Fit-and-flare Dresses.


They show off how little you are on top and are roomier from the waist down for your curvier bottom half.

Where you usually carry that little bit extra when you gain some weight is one of the key factors in figuring out your body type. For Pear people, that’s going to be round your hips and thighs, generally. It’s sometimes called the Triangle, as your hips will be wider than your shoulders, perhaps with a defined waist and shorter legs (but not in every case!)

A great way to dress for this body type is to accentuate the shoulders, draw attention to your upper body and waist, and elongate the legs. Generally we’ll try to avoid focus on your thigh and hip area no embellishments, patterns, or pockets in that area, and wouldn’t have belts or bags sitting on your hips. Ideally you’re looking for straight, clean lines on the bottom, and any extra fanciness put up top… balancing out your lower half is the key.

A bardot or peasant style top is fabulous on Pear types – anything off the shoulder, or if you don’t want to bare the shoulders try something that draws attention to that area, particularly with ruffles or details up at shoulder level, and a simple straight sleeve.

Grace Kelly had the right idea lads, with that classic black fitted top sitting just slightly off the shoulder, accentuating a defined waist, with a full pleated skirt. Generally you might be told to avoid big skirts when you rock this body type, but the full skirts that were around last season are going nowhere because they suit so many different body types when worn in different ways, yours included. Sure you could have anything going on under those pleats and extra layers, and it’s all balanced out nicely, top and bottom.

Now, as we’ve said before; these are general guidelines, as everyone’s body is different. We’d love you to call in and experiment with these styles… in Redlane, our staff are all professionally trained to give you the best advice on what will work for your specific body shape, and what outfits are perfect for your special occasions. There’s a wealth of experience you can draw from to get your perfect look!


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