Amazing Blazers

Amazing Blazers

Blazers are one of our favourite wardrobe staples because they do well throughout the year - you can genuinely wear a blazer across all seasons, and you’ll always look stylish. 

What type of blazer for your body shape though, and how to wear it, are questions we often get. Here’s a basic guide to get you started, but the next step is an in-depth (free) professional consultation, so please call in to Redlane in Tramore where our expert stylists will tailor their advice directly to your personal needs.

The fit of the blazer makes all the difference to whether it’ll be a hit or a flop. Nobody wants a flop. First off, get an idea of your body shape. We have a detailed guide on the website at, but basically, take a look straight on in the mirror at where your widest parts are. As a guide, we work with: Apple (widest round the middle); Hourglass (balanced at shoulders and hips, narrow waist); Pear (widest at the hips and thighs); Rectangle (pretty much the same up and down); or Strawberry (widest at the shoulders).

If you’re Apple Shaped - try a lightweight, draped blazer. The ideal is to draw attention to your chest and away from your midsection, so we like a piece that will conceal without adding bulk. Lapel details are also great for drawing the eye up.

If you’re Hourglass Shaped - try a blazer that highlights your natural physical balance. Something tailored to the feminine physique (think cinched at the waist, or with a belt or peplum fit) will best enhance your form.

If you’re Pear Shaped - try a blazer that is structured at the shoulders. We’re not talking Dynasty level shoulder-pads, but a little something to balance out your lower body, add a little structure to your neckline, and create more volume on top, will work wonders for you.

If you’re Rectangle Shaped - try a blazer with button details. Flattering your shape will come down to two things: playing up your lean lines with a long blazer that hits below your hip, and creating a waist with a blazer that buttons. Feminine styling and colours will also help soften your edges, and our best recommendation is a buttoned hip-length blazer with an obi belt over it.

If you’re Strawberry Shaped - try a light, collarless blazer. If you’re more built up top, you’ll look great with the feminine lines of a neat collared or even collarless style, which balances out broader shoulders. If you find that one that has ruffles or a peplum at the bottom, this will bring the eye down there and add balance.

It may seem obvious too, but if you’re tall you should usually stay away from a too short hemline, which might make your body look out of proportion. And if you’re petite avoid a blazer that will drown you in excess fabric. Go for a fitted piece that sits on the hip or higher.

As ever, we’re on hand for further advice!

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