Beginner's Guide: Top Tips for Looking Stylish Every Day

Checking out the latest fashion trends can be intimidating and the Instagram Lifestyle accounts we all seem to end up following certainly don’t help things.

But when you look good – in a way that really suits you, and not just whatever the hottest fashion designer has decided is in this season – there is a definite knock on effect to your confidence.

If you’re new to all this, and not really sure where to start, don’t worry. Dressing well is a skill that can be learned.

At Redlane, our team of professional stylists provide advice that’s personalised to you when you come into the shop for a chat, or get in our Style Club Facebook Group so we can help you out.

Like all skills, the ability to look stylish gets easier the more you practice it, and the good news is, you have an opportunity to practice it every day!

So let’s start with a few top tips for getting started with your personal style.

Figure Out What You Like

You develop an ‘eye’ for style gradually over time, by being aware of what attracts you and what you like – not by watching the latest fashion show or social media fashion trends.

You can get inspired though, by taking note of who you think looks cool, even if you don’t (yet) think you could pull off their style. That’s OK, you don’t have to… you are going to develop your own unique style and flair, in time.

  1. Make a list of people whose style you admire; it could be a celebrity, a person you know round town, or even a fictional character!
  2. Grab some pictures of them in outfits you really like, and cut them out/print them off, or make a Pinterest board.
  3. Now step back and take a look for similarities or patterns between the outfits. Take note of what you like, and why you like it – is it the colour, texture, shape, combinations?

Focus on Great Quality and Fit

If you’re mucking around in poor quality clothes that don’t fit right, you are never gonna look stylish my friend!

Investing in basics that will stand the test of time, and fit you as close to perfectly as you can get, is a very fast way to getting your style sorted with minimum effort.

You’re going to need to collect some of the classic essentials: make sure they are the best quality you can afford, and that they have been tried and tested so they’re sitting correctly in all the right places.

Check out our great advice on Capsule Wardrobes and Finding your Personal Style, and build those foundations right.

Then start to mix and match, or experiment with fashion trends that can move in and out of your wardrobe easily, as new fashion comes along and inspires you further.

Call into us at Redlane, or visit online, for professional advice on your fashion essentials.

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