Cracking Capris and Crops

They are everywhere at the moment, even being dubbed ‘the new office uniform’ this year, but some of us might feel capris and cropped pants can make us look a little frumpy, especially if we’re a little short or heavier set to begin with.

A shorter legged trouser can interrupt the length of your silhouette and even make the legs look stubby, but never fear – we have some insider tips and tricks that can leave you free to wear those crops with confidence.

Capris were created by European fashion designer Sonja de Lennart in 1948, and named after an island in the south of Italy where Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly used to go on their holidays in the 1950s and 60s.

Once the likes of Mary Tyler Moore and Audrey Hepburn also started wearing them their popularity exploded, and to this day they are associated with cool, elegant, classy women… you want in on that association too, right?!

Of course you do.

So here’s how.

Hem length is key, and this will be a little different for everyone. In a wide leg crop, the ideal length sits an inch or two above the ankle, and in a slim leg capri, it’s just below your calf, at the narrowest part of your lower leg.

A mistake often made is to wear them ending at mid-calf, which is the widest part of your lower leg and can be unflattering, especially if you have a large or muscular calf anyway. It’s worth the time and the few quid to get them taken up to the perfect length for you, because this really can make all the difference.

Wearing a neatly tucked in top, or going for an all-in-one jumpsuit, will highlight your middle and avoid the frump of a roomy top over a wide leg bottom.

Whether you love them or hate them, heels can make or break your look here. If you don’t fancy sleek strappy heels (though it must be said they look super fab with a straight ‘cigarette’ leg capri, such a retro style!), wedge sandals can be comfier for you, and really look lovely with a lightweight cropped trouser leg.

A good trick is to stick to nude tones in the shoe, because if it’s the same colour as your skin it will make your legs look longer… but at least try and match shoe colour to pants colour as closely as possible, so the eye is drawn down naturally along the length of your leg.

If you’ve any doubts or questions, it’s best to just try them on and see what works for you. We’re always happy to help at Redlane!

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