Redlane Animal Welfare Policy

Meet Fíadh, our Animal Welfare Officer!

She is a rescue dog who came from a great animal shelter – Mo Chara Animal Rescue – and she is definitely representative of how much we love animals here at Redlane!

We are committed to providing ethical, feel good fashion and style, on all levels. Redlane is firmly and vocally against animal cruelty or animal abuse in any form, for any reason. Animal rights are of vital importance in our purchasing choices, and so our suppliers must not use the following animal derived materials:

  • Fur, including lamb’s fur or angora.
  • Bone, horn, shell, or teeth.
  • Any part of vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild-caught species.


Some imports in the fashion industry marked as ‘faux fur’ are in fact, real fur… at Redlane we have a scrupulous checking procedure to ensure that neither we, nor our customers, are duped in that way. We know that when you buy fake fur from us, no animal has been harmed in the making of your product.

How to Distinguish Fake Fur from Real Fur

  • Look at the tips: The tips of the hairs in real fur taper and have pointed ends, whereas the hairs on faux fur are blunt where they have been cut in manufacture.
  • Look at the base: Part the hair to see how it is attached. Animal fur has a leathery backing because it’s attached to the animal’s skin, whereas faux fur will have a material woven backing.
  • Burn it: Where it’s safe to do so, you can trim a few hairs and set fire to them. Real animal fur singes, faux fur melts in a sticky way, cooling to form hard plastic balls.


Some retailers ban down altogether, but it is the only animal product we are happy to stock, due to the ethical suppliers we work with.

We ONLY take down products marked with The Responsible Down Standard; an independent, voluntary global standard. This means that companies we work with have chosen to certify their products to the RDS, even if there is no legislation requiring them to do so.

The RDS was developed and revised over three years, with the input of animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands and retailers. The standard recognizes and rewards the best practices in animal welfare, so we’re absolutely sure that no little ducklings or baby geese have been harmed in order to get us our nice warm coats.


Our Goal

We are proud to be fur free for over a decade, and aim to improve our Animal Welfare Policy continually through the years to come. We are open to suggestions and information that supports us in doing so… email to let us know!

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