Walk Tall

Shopping is a constant struggle.

When you’re tall – 5ft 8 or over – the fit is rarely right: jeans are kissing above the ankles, and sleeves are showing way too much wrist for comfort.

You might be tempted to wear flats, not wear anything bold as it’ll only draw too much attention to yourself, and maybe even squeeze those strong shoulders into tops that are too tight, drawing you into a hunch that goes well with a desire to make yourself smaller.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Embrace your height by standing tall and throwing back your shoulders… you can genuinely carry off most looks with a bit of confidence. It’s ok if you’re not feeling that yet, we can help with the top style advice for dressing when you’re tall.

Layering works on tall frames, so invest in some foundational basics that fit well – Tees, Camis and Bodysuits (try specialist lines like Long Tall Sally) form a solid basis for any outfit, and you’ve got that first layer that fits well in the sleeves and the body, and doesn’t leave you tugging at your clothes trying to get comfortable and covered.

Long limbed lovelies can always rock a skinny jeans and boots combo over these basics, and this works particularly well if you get a pair of skinnies you love that don’t fit you all the way to the end of your legs – just tuck those bad boys into a pair of tall boots and nobody will know the difference!

If you’d prefer shoes to boots with a trouser leg too short, just cuff it up and wear it with a strappy heel as if it’s that way on purpose. Win!

Yes, you can wear heels. In fact, for those with a larger shoe size, a 3ish inch heel can be a bit of a blessing to heighten the foot’s proportion and avoid an unfortunate clown shoe look.

Also try out some bright colours, and bold patterns… your beautiful body is an amazing palette for prints, and people will be looking at you anyway, so why hide yourself? See above – embrace your height!

Consider a jumpsuit, or even dungarees – if you have long legs and a long torso, this is definitely for you. They can be dressed up with heels, or dressed down with sandals, runners, or even ankle boots with a cropped leg – this wouldn’t usually work well for our shorter sisters as it can ‘cut off’ the leg, but it’s perfect for longer-limbed ladies.

Know your measurements, keep a note of them somewhere to hand especially when you’re shopping online, and check the model’s measurements. They’re not always tall, and it’s definitely worth checking how many inches difference you’re dealing with before you buy.

European lines are generally better for taller ladies than UK ones, so ask in store or online in the better boutiques; we have an employee at Redlane who is 6ft, and we’d be delighted to style you to complement your height!

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