Wild Fashion - Animal Print for Everyone!

Something tugs at our deepest primal nature when we find ourselves drawn to animal print in fashion!

Exotic and powerful prints, reminding us of the animals they represent, have been used for clothing and decor for centuries and the trend is not going anywhere.

Based on the catwalk and high street collections this year, leopard print in particular is more than just a design trend – it’s a full blown movement. It’s everywhere!

Back through history, animal skins and furs have long been a popular style. Given that they were generally a) expensive, b) difficult to obtain, c) symbolic of power, and d) out of the ordinary, they became a sign of wealth and status.

Animal print became popular for women in the United States in the late 1960s during the Bohemian movement and fashion designers embraced it from there.

Why are animal prints sexy though?

Characteristics associated with a particular animal, such as the sleek power of the leopard, or the fierceness of a tiger, speak to that primal part of our brains when we observe the patterns associated with those animals.

When we wear animal print, we stand out – it automatically draws the attention of those around us.

Wearing it, you make a statement about your confidence, and your desire to be noticed.

This is why animal prints have a constant presence in overtly sexual lingerie. It’s also why everyone's fav Coronation Street barmaid used leopard print as her signature style and brand.

Now, this can go either way for the wearer - in designer fashion, statement animal prints are viewed as classy and sophisticated.

In the high street stores, things can veer a little more towards the trashy end of the spectrum.

When we’re choosing our print pieces for Redlane, we keep very firmly to the classy side of the scale, don’t worry.

Here’s some pro tips to keep the ghost of Bet Lynch from your door.

How to wear animal print

  • You can keep it simple by subtly accessorising… a print bag, shoe or boot, or a simple top under a shirt or buttoned up jacket will give you a peek of print and keep you on trend, without having to fully commit.
  • Dress it down and step away from the full-on glamour puss look by teaming that leopard print top with a pair of faded jeans and a casual jacket.
  • The real key to wearing animal print well is in the silhouette and the style. Anything too short or tight is already a little risque, so pairing that slinky silhouette with an eye catching power print is really making a statement. We’re not saying don’t do it… you might be able to absolutely rock it with the right confidence and occasion. Go for it if you’re comfortable there!  

As ever, if you’d like some free professional styling advice, do call into Redlane Boutique in Tramore (or join our Style Club Facebook Group), and we can help you out no bother.

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