Kili for the Kids - Charity Mountain Trek
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Charity Mountain Trek - Kili for the Kids


1 mountain - 7 climbers - 440 Kids


An Irish crew is heading to trek Kilimanjaro this July, to bring funds and supplies to the 440 kids of Makuyuni Primary School in the Kilimanjaro region.


The aim is to fund one meal per day per child for 6 months, or even a full year! It won't take much... 


Meet the Kids...

Meet the Kids...

Some of the kids of Makuyuni Primary School, in the yard of the school.

Introducing Dorcas, the School Principal


Social Worker, Lone Parent, Domestic Violence Survivor, Community Activist, Women's Refuge Co-ordinator, and School Principal.

This is Dorcas.

Instead of spending her time educating the 440 children under her daily care, Dorcas is pounding on doors at government offices, chasing the money she was promised to enable her to feed these children, at least one solid meal per day, and most often coming home empty handed.

The last day we visited, it was a Thursday - these kids were being sent home to try and gather any money that was available, and bring it back in to pool together and get them all at least one meal.

Some of these kids don't eat for days, until Dorcas scrapes up enough money to get them fed. Then they get to focus on their education, for that day.

But it all starts again tomorrow. 

We'd like to help her with that. And for the price of a coffee or two, you can help Dorcas too.



But... Why Not Support Local Causes?

Where the Magic Happens - The School Kitchen


Well, actually, we do.

And of course you should too, if there's work that needs doing in your local community, and you have the time/resources to support that - do it!

Redlane has standing orders donating directly to Waterford Scouting Organisations and GAA Clubs. Other organisations we regularly support include Waterford Hospice, The Solas Cancer Support Centre, Irish Cancer Society, Musical Socities, Benefit nights, Day Centres, Sports Clubs, Meals on Wheels, Waterford Lions Club..the list is endless and there's rarely anyone in need leaves Redlane empty handed!

Giving your time, energy, and any available money to local organisations whenever you can is a really important contribution to your local community. Do it!

Looking further afield too though, Redlane owner Catherine Keighery has travelled in Tanzania twice already, and met with Dorcas on her last trip. 

The visit to Makuyuni Primary School was a real eye opener for her.

On July 8th 2017, she heads back to Tanzania with Chris, Vinny, Carol, Ellen, Johann & Bob (none of whom had to be asked twice!) to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (again) and hand over the proceeds of their fundraising efforts to Dorcas. Every traveller is funding 100% of the cost of the trip themselves so you can rest assured that every red cent raised is going to be handed straight to Dorcas.

Catherine says:

Once you come face to face with starving children, it's very hard to unsee. We added it all up, and realised it would take just €9,344 to feed the school for a whole year. That's the cost of the maize, beans and sugar per day, for all 440 kids.

Feeding the kids for 6 months is our first GoFundMe goal though, and that will cost us €4,672.

That's €25.60 per day to feed FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY children. Under 6 cents per child.

Not only are you literally keeping children alive by supporting this cause - when Dorcas and her teachers receive this money, they can get on with teaching the pupils. With their basic human needs met, these kids can focus on educating themselves out of the cycle of poverty they have been trapped in. 

Children are children - local or Tanzanian - the same the world over. And every child deserves this.


Will you help?