Charity Mountain Trek - Kili for the Kids

1 mountain - 7 climbers - 440 Kids 

In 2017, this fundraiser saw a group of Irish friends set out with the aim of raising enough money to fund one meal per child per day in a small primary school at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, Africa. 

Meet the Kids...

Meet the Kids...

Some of the kids of Makuyuni Primary School, in the yard of the school.

Introducing Dorcas, the School Principal


Social Worker, Lone Parent, Community Activist, Women's Refuge Co-ordinator, and School Principal.

This is Dorcas.

Instead of spending her time educating the 440 children (at the time) under her daily care, Dorcas was pounding on doors at government offices, chasing the money she was promised to enable her to feed these children, at least one solid meal per day, and most often coming home empty handed.

Some of these kids didn't eat for days, until Dorcas scraped up enough money to get them fed. Then they got to focus on their education, for that day.

But it all started all over again the next day. And the next.

This is the problem our crew was trying to help with. 

Where the Magic Happens - The School Kitchen

On July 8th 2017, Catherine Keighery (Redlane Boutique's owner) went to Tanzania with the crew: Chris McNamara, Carol Molloy, Ellen Hennessy, Johann Crowe, and Vinny Hynes. They climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, while Journalist and Redlane employee Lora O'Brien stayed in the village with Dorcas, and organised the secure handover of the sponsorship money they had raised - over €11,000!

Since the trip, electricity has been installed at the Makuyuni Primary School, and work has begun - under the supervision of local business owner and friend of the crew, Bobby Lyamuya of the Babylon Lodge

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