Who We Are...

At Redlane, we don't blindly follow fashion. But we will sort your style.

We opened our doors in Tramore back in 2005, and our focus is on dressing individuals - taking into account your body shape and your personality - providing the most comprehensive and supportive service to our customers for over 12 years.

Our team are experts in understanding women, with our changing and differing body shapes and sizes (you can get to know us better in the bios below!), and we pride ourselves on having carefully selected collections - sourced right across the wide world of fashion - to help you create your unique versatile and wearable wardrobe, season after season.

We were one of the first (if not the first!) independant Irish fashion boutiques to open an online store, going live back in 2008. Since then we have established ourselves as a global destination for customers seeking a diverse mix of boutique and high street brands.

Nobody wants to be pidgeon-holed into a look they don't like, in the name of fashion or what's on trend, so we've invested our time and energy in gathering our stock of creative collections and training all of our staff as professional stylists, to make sure that we can you style you in the best way for you, without the pressure of certain labels or price.

Our website is kept up to date and shows you everything you will find in store. We are only delighted to help you in any way possible, with any questions or concerns you might have - just give us a call or pop us an email any time.

Meet the Redlane Team in our bios below, so you'll know who you're talking to and how we can help you!

Catherine Keighery

Owner & Stylist

She's a woman on a mission - to help you look and feel your best, whatever the occasion and whatever you wear.

Catherine is the brains of our operation, our very own central processor who goes out into the world of fashion and finds the absolute best from everyday brands, high street brands, boutique brands, and one off brands - then feeds it all back to the shop floor and our online boutique - so that our team of trained stylists can pick and choose the perfect outfits for each and every customer. 

She understands what it's like to be time pressed, and to be frustrated when you're trying to find a style that fits you perfectly, that tells your story without you even having to open your mouth, in a world of carbon copy fashion form.

She's a mountain-climbing, marathon-running mother... It's not easy keeping all the balls in the air, is it ladies?! 

Jane Quearney

In-House Stylist

Like a little ray of sunshine, Jane's greeting as you walk through the doors will warm you up no matter what the weather is doing outside.

She followed her mother's footsteps into the iconic Switzers when she was just 17 years old, and was there for their transition to Brown Thomas - she was the Wonderbra girl - so her professional service is second to none. Jane is inspired every day by the opportunity to inject a true positive energy into your shopping experience.

Jane knows what it's like to lack confidence in yourself, or how you look, and understands the huge difference it can make to your life to have a wardrobe style that suits you down to the ground. She prides herself on making sure that you walk out the doors of Redlane oozing confidence in your clothes.

Life's too short ladies, right?!


Ailise Kirwan

Operations Executive & Stylist

Coming to us with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising and Online Media, Ailise has learned a lot in her time here about how things run behind the scenes in a thriving retail enterprise.

It’s a little different from her family farming background at home! But she’s no stranger either to the world of beauty and fashion, as a finalist for Kilkenny South in the Miss Ireland competition. Her passion for style is evident in every aspect of her life, and it shows whether she’s on the shop floor or in the office.

Ailise is the voice you’ll hear most often when you ring Redlane with a question on fit, material or colour, and the one who answers most of the online questions on the same topics. She works hard to make our product descriptions useful and accurate, to ensure that you get exactly what you’re expecting when your Redlane orders are delivered to the door.

Róisín Walsh

In-House Stylist

We first met Róisín when she came to Redlane on a 6 month work experience placement from her Retail Practice course at WWETB. She loved the atmosphere here, and we were so taken with her diligence and work ethic that we asked her to come and join the team when her course finished up.

Already well travelled, Róisín will no doubt wander the world again at some stage, but her long term plan is to settle here in her home town of Tramore. There’s a business degree on the cards in her future, and we may even see her running her own enterprise some day. Her customer service is second to none, and she’s an absolute dream to work with… so we certainly hope she sticks around here for as long as possible!

Paula Fitzgerald

In-House Stylist

Catherine and Paula worked together years ago, first meeting when they were both working in Colm Morrissey’s Hair Studio in Tramore, many moons ago! A talented hairdresser, who has been in business for herself for a long time, Paula joined the Redlane team for a change of pace and scenery.

When she’s not taking superb care of our customers on the shop floor, you can find her traipsing Tramore with her 3 - count them, all three - giant dogs. She’s the proud owner of a Newfoundland, a white German Shepherd, and a brand new Blue German Shepherd pup. She has her hands full there!

Fiadh Keighery

Animal Welfare Officer

Joining our team in 2018, Fiadh is a rescue pup who’s getting all grown up. Most often found gracing the window display with her gorgeous curls, her official company position makes sure she prioritises the most comfortable office accommodations (big comfy beds and blankets) and the very best in chew toys as an essential business expense. The squeaky pig is her favourite, in case you were wondering.

When she’s not checking the office bins - for health and safety reasons, of course - you might find Fiadh engaging in her other favourite activity, having a walk along the beach. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @BuiochasLeFiadh.

Kirsten Mate Maher

Model & Stylist

Since joining the Redlane team, our Kirsten has made us all proud by qualifying and winning the Rose of Tralee festival, as our very own Waterford Rose in 2018. In between jet-setting around the world for her Rose responsibilities, she's one of our in-house models, so you'll often see her flawless face and figure gracing the pages of our website and social media. But like all of our staff, she's a professional stylist who brings her finger-on- the-pulse perspective to the work we do for you.

With an appreciation of all things fashion, Kirsten loves nothing more than picking up the latest trends - she loves the thrill of new clothes and can't get enough of our best buys in store.

Sure who doesn't love wearing a whole new outfit?

Dawn McGrath


We were wondering about giving her the title of Super Model here, because honestly - where does Dawn get the time to do all that she does?

From carrying on the legacy of Irish Dancing matriarch Betty Bible, to her busy day job at the bank, to raising her three daughters and son to be just as amazing as she is, Dawn still manages to wow us on our wednesday photo shoots with her cool, calm and collected elegance and poise. 

Dawn has been modelling for Redlane since we opened in 2005, and it's a bit weird how she doesn't seem to have aged a day since then... but we let her keep that secret to herself.

She's our very own Wonder Woman!

Lora O'Brien

Content Manager

Our newest addition to the team at Redlane, she's also brand new to the world of fashion, so you won't find Lora suggesting styles on the shop floor, but she'll be working away in the office below.

Her background as a published author and business journalist, writing for the Sunday Independent and other national media, made her the ideal choice for writing our blog and sorting our web content, and she'll be the resident wordsmith sending out the exclusive Style Club special offers and news direct to your email inbox.

Lora can empathise with anyone who has never really paid attention to the world of fashion, but has to dip the toe in on occasion for an event that requires clothing a little fancier than her usual jeans and boots. Or, say, for a new job...

She's learning a lot from the professional style advice she gets every day at Redlane!