Who We Are...

At Redlane, we don't blindly follow fashion. But we will sort your style.

We opened our doors in Tramore back in 2005, and our focus is on dressing individuals - taking into account your body shape and your personality - providing the most comprehensive and supportive service to our customers for the past 17 years.

Our team are experts in understanding women, with our changing and differing body shapes and sizes and we pride ourselves on having carefully selected collections - sourced right across the wide world of fashion - to help you create your unique versatile and wearable wardrobe, season after season.

We were one of the first (if not the first!) independent Irish fashion boutiques to open an online store, going live back in 2008. Since then we have established ourselves as a global destination for customers seeking a diverse mix of boutique and high street brands. In March 2021, we moved Redlane completely online.

Nobody wants to be pigeonholed into a look they don't like, in the name of fashion or what's on trend, so we've invested our time and energy in gathering our stock of creative collections and training all of our staff as professional stylists, to make sure that we can you style you in the best way for you, without the pressure of certain labels or price.

We are only delighted to help you in any way possible, with any questions or concerns you might have - just give us a call or pop us an email any time.